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Hello, you wonderful bunch of people!
We are 4 founders: Sebastien, Benedicte, Alexis and Emilie.

Wide Open camp is a photography theme camp based primarily on deep human connections. 

  • We’re a small camp with a maximum of 20 peeps. One of the most important parts of the burn for us is the human connections, and we feel like too big of a camp would actually create barriers.
  • As we love taking pictures we decided to orientate the camp around the subject. So the camp main event consist of gifting before and post burn portraits to everyone who wants to participate in our portrait sessions.
  • Beside the events, the camp will have its share of fire spinning, games, the infamous “wheel of portraits” ( turn the wheel and have your portraits taken the way the wheel indicates) and lots of sincere forever lasting hugs.
  • One of our main philosophy is self-reliance, as is one of Burning Man’s ten principles. The whole point of organizing as a camp is to bring the heavy, bulky, and expensive needs on site for everyone to share, so you just have to bring the “minimum” (huhu) per camper and still enjoy an easy life with the needed extra comfort. We’re here to help with questions, but from day one, we expect you to be a ‘grown-up’ and manage on your own. 
  • Everybody should participate in the camp setup, put down, and maintenance all week long. This is standard by BM rules (yes, BM has rules!). Most of the time, many camp leaders experience that a maximum of 15% campers actually participate, while the rest just benefit from others generosity. This is not happening in this camp. 

Add a bit of your own:
You have a special talent? Ideas for activities? Something you want to share? A massage table? Art? Wanna build some kind of structure? Bring it on! Should it be a show, a tale, a game, whatever you think you could contribute to the camp, we’ll take it and we’ll be happy to learn/share/play with you, as a group, or on a personal level.