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How to join the camp ?


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Hello dear fellow crazy human!
Before joining Wide Open, make sure you’re ready for the event itself if you haven’t been there yet.

Please read thoroughly the Burning Man Website
At the very least check the Survival Guide, which contains all basics information you need. 
Survival guide PDF is available as well if you want to keep an offline copy on your phone.
Now if you feel ready to spend all that time to survive in the desert, and you embrace the 10 principles of Burning Man, then keep reading .

We are looking for open minded people from any background, self reliant, willing to help set up the camp, and ready to commit some time before and after the event.
If you consider yourself lazy, being a free-loader, or think Burning man is a rave, please do not consider camping with us
We all are family to each other in this camp, so if you camp with us, we expect you to become part of it too.

If you join Wide Open, you’ll have a few perks for a modest fee of $150 (no profit, just covering basic costs) :
  • Shaded dome ( Our living room)
  • Shower with evaporation pond (you're responsible for your water and solar container)
  • Shaded dining area
  • Equipped kitchen with basic supplies (you bring your own food)
  • Ice will be distributed daily
  • Fire pit at night
  • Trash recycling
  • Generator to light our camp and for battery refill emergencies
  • Photo booth
  • Tons of hugs

Keep in mind we are not a plug and play camp so you'll be responsible for :
  • your ticket : please create your burner profile early at the beginning of the year,  get ready for the main sale in March, and if you miss it get into the STEP program, the OMG sale or any other way to access tickets. If you can't deal with that aspect you might not be as self reliant as the camp needs.
  • your water
  • your food
  • your supplies
  • your shelter
  • your bike
  • transportation of your supplies and yourself (although we will try to organize carpooling for maximum efficiency, and any large item benefiting the whole camp can fit with the camp supplies)
  • got it ? not really ? then read that survival list and use common sense to figure out what you really need

If this is the experience you are looking for,  then leave us a message on the contact page answering those questions below and add any questions you might have :
  • Introduce yourself with a few words ( your passions, share some stories, what you're looking for at burning man ?)  
  • Have you ever been to Burning Man ? 
  • Are you ready for the Event ( do you have a ticket, do you have your supplies, how and when do you plan to go to Black Rock City) 
  • What can you bring to the camp ( physically, emotionally, any fun or special skills ? ) 
  • What do you expect from our camp that is not described above ? 

Wide Open Camp